April Bland has utilized yoga as a tool in her own quest of wellness and self-discovery. Having personally benefited from this grounding art, she decided to pursue a 200-hour yoga teacher certification, following her ambition to spread physical, mental and emotional health throughout the community. Though April has now completed a 500-hour mastery course at West End Yoga (RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance), she still considers herself a student — forever grateful for the meaningful connections that she has made through her practice. Further demonstrating her mastery, April is currently working toward completion of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Certification from 4D Counseling in Bethlehem, PA.

April's classes combine: creative sequencing, a playful spirit, and a dose of inspiration to deepen your practice. She seeks to help others nurture a Mind, Body, Spirit connection through Vinyasa, a practice that is accessible to everybody & beneficial for every body.   

My yoga journey began in 1991, as a way to relieve stress and indulge in a much needed 1.5 hour weekly respite from my then full-time career as a stay-at-home mother of four active children.  From the very first class, I was hooked and noticed immediate positive results - the ability to relax, improved sleep, elevation of mood . . .
Throughout the years that followed, I had the opportunity to study with a wide variety of teachers and enjoyed many different styles of yoga from the East coast to the Midwest (as our family moved frequently as a result of job transfers) which served to broaden my knowledge. In 2016, I finally took the leap and joined Living Room Yoga's first 200 hour teacher training.
I enjoy a calming, uncomplicated class allowing the body to unfold gently which leads to one of my favorite jewels of yoga - meditation - which is included in my classes.
With a background as a massage therapist, I am particularly mindful of alignment and the amazing mind/body connection. I strive to truly honor the unique path of each individual. 
Favorite things: children, grandchildren, creating, sewing, reading, getting lost in meditation, giving back.

Claudia Simpson, E-RYT500, C-IAYT has been serving those on the yogic path since 1990 as a teacher, workshop leader, therapist and teacher trainer. Recognizing yoga as a profound tool for healing, she has supported both in- and outpatients at several Baltimore hospitals in the departments of Psychiatry, Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology and through programs aimed at Senior health. 

Claudia’s intention for you – whether in class, privately or in a workshop setting – is simply to feel better than when you walked in. To that end, she gently guides and empowers you to be present to your body in a compassionate way, move with mindfulness, breathe with spaciousness and bring the mind into the present moment. No matter what challenges you face, even subtle shifts can have profound effects on your body, mind and spirit. 

Trained at Kripalu and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Claudia continues to be influenced by many teachers including Timothy McCall, MD, Nischala Devi, Michael Lee as well as each of her students. Her spiritual path of yoga has been illuminated by the Vedantic wisdom of Swami Shankarananda (who gave her the name “Yogini”) and the mindful path of the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

She is featured on three Meditation videos, “Still. Here.”  which are available On YouTube through Johns Hopkins Medicine. 

Off the mat, Claudia credits her yoga practice for her success as a Master’s track and field athlete. She lives in Bethlehem with her partner Don Garrett, a UU Minister.  Visit her website: www.ineedyoga.com



Crystal Klein, BA, MS, Shifu

Crystal holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Art, and a Masters in Computer Science from Shippensburg University.  Crystal worked for years as a computer systems analyst. She started her studies in Marital Arts during college, but found her true calling when learning Tai Chi.  She attained the rank of Shifu in 2010, under Master Paul Miller at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts.

Crystal assisted instructing Tai Chi starting in 2005, while raising her children. Her daughters are also Shifus in Kung Fu.  She has taken multiple Healing Arts classes under the direction of Master, Paul Miller, believes that the Healing Arts and Martial Arts are a required complement to each other. Crystal was originally attracted to the Martial Arts because of self defense, physical conditioning and maintenance of self control, but now is more attracted to the philosophy of balance thru all aspects of life. 

Crystal not only teaches people how to transform their lives with the martial arts, but also uses her talent and masters level art training to transform children and adults into objects of their imagination with intricate lines and beautiful colors in her face and body paintings.


Erica has always been active and enjoyed exercise as key to maintaining a healthy well-being, but only in the last couple years has she come to fully appreciate the benefits of yoga.   She found that a focused yoga practice provided her all the benefits of wellness without the pain/injuries that are sometimes a part of other kinds of exercise.  Now, as a recent graduate of the Living Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program, Erica looks forward to guiding others to achieve a similarly positive result with their yoga practice.  Erica stands firmly behind the studio’s philosophy: “Yoga for everybody, and every BODY.”  Her classes always incorporate modifications and the use of props to accommodate the needs of all students.  Erica also encourages a spirit of openness, lightness, and fun with her yoga.


ASFA Certified, CPR & AED Certified, Cardiac Wise, NFHS Member

John “J.D.” Wilson has been coaching athletics for 31 years. From the youth level to Division 1 Scholarship. In that time, he has trained and coached countless athletes to reach their individual and team goals. His athletes have attained All Conference, MVP, and All-American status. Some of those players have gone on to win numerous National Championships and College All-America honors.

For the past several years he has re-focused his experience into personal training clients to help them reach their personal fitness goals.

His philosophy is simple: “All goals are attainable through hard work, focus, and sacrifice.”


Jan found becoming a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher in 2013 a natural progression from teaching fitness classes in a number of local gyms. She enjoys helping people deepen their body/mind connection.  Jan encourages people to smile and breathe as they move through her Vinyasa Flow Instruction.  Later, she sees them leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and strengthened. Jan has deep gratitude for the balance and peace of mind that yoga has brought into her life and looks forward to sharing her insights with you.  When not teaching yoga, Jan is a wife, mother, a Big Sister mentor and loves to travel.  

Jane Stengel began practicing yoga 7 years ago.  She discovered  a more peaceful mind, newfound physical strength and flexibility, and self-acceptance through the principals taught by her instructors.  Jane was an at-home mother of five and housewife for 34 years.  She surprised herself by making the commitment to the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at West End Yoga, Allentown in March 2017, graduating in June.  Jane taught chair yoga at Computer Aid Inc. and continues to assist in instructing chair yoga at West End Yoga.  She has also given yoga instruction on the mat at the Farmer's Market at the Veladrome.  Jane hopes that in time her practice will serve to help other people feel healthier in mind, body, and spirit as yoga has offered her.

Jennifer believes that every child and adult deserves the gift of yoga because it strengthens the whole person –body, mind, and spirit. Teaching children and adult classes, Jennifer combines her love of dance and music to create an accepting, creative, and fun environment in which to practice the art of yoga. Her adult classes incorporate flowing movement combined with classic yoga postures in dynamic vinyasa sequences. Her children classes incorporate classic yoga poses, games, singing, storytelling, and breathing exercises. All classes create a space for individuals to build strength and flexibility, increase confidence, quiet the mind, and connect with their breath. Jennifer has earned a BA in Dance and Theater, a PA Teacher Certification, Children’s Yoga certification from Childlight Yoga, and 200 Hour yoga teacher certification.

I started teaching about 5 years ago after completing my YTT at West End Yoga, which is where I met Teri.
My focus has been on keeping my classes slow & simple, not using alot of sanskit terms, & giving lots of direction on getting into & out of the poses. I love working the hips & low back & sometimes throw in some Yin poses. Pretty much 'yoga for people that said they can't do yoga' or those who' tried it & didn't like it'--those souls that went to a class, felt lost & never went back! 
I am a (slow) runner & love strength training so yoga keeps me happy & flexible.

I taught & subbed at West End for awhile but with their regular YTT classes they switch instructors up alot & the available times did not work for me. I also subbed at Emmaus for early classes for awhile but now just teach at LRY.
I sub on occasion but prefer morning classes over later in the day. I have been teaching Friday 7:00 AM & have several early morning regulars plus people popping in & out as schedules permit. I have anywhere from 3 to 7 in class. Not a big group but a devoted one!

After graduating from West Chester University, JoAnne started her professional career in management at FedEx Ground. When her oldest child was born, she realized that the life-consuming long hours and unhealthy lifestyle needed to change. She’d always been active (playing soccer into college and was always on the move) so she joined a gym. After years of trying out different classes and honing her skills on all things fitness-related, she made the leap and got certified to teach. She currently holds certifications in Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling through American Aerobics Association International.

Her fitness philosophy is simple- don’t be intimidated! Strength training is for anyone and everyone- it’s fitness meant to improve your life! The primary goal in every class is to provide EVERY person with a great Body Sculpting workout that will challenge them equally. Each week she works to strengthen every muscle group, as well as working on agility and mobility.

One of JoAnne’s greatest teaching strengths is her ability to modify exercises on-the-fly by providing alternate options for those with limitations (sometimes quite creatively!). She keeps the classes fun by providing up-beat music and conversation. Time flies when you’re having fun!

In her free time, JoAnne can be found on the soccer field with her husband and 3 children (she’s recently coached her first undefeated season!), running races or on the many rail trails in the valley, gardening, and playing with their dog Ember (a 70 lb. retriever with boundless energy)

Kim O'Sullivan Smith loves yoga and has been practicing at various studios and gyms since 1998.  She loves what it does for her both physically and mentally and enjoys sharing that passion with others.  As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Kim has always been fascinated with the Mind/Body Connection and yoga truly encompasses both.  Many of her patients have been thrilled to discover how yoga can balance mood, lower anxiety, help with sleep, and improve self-esteem.  More benefits include flexibility, stress reduction, injury prevention, and mindfulness.  Yoga has also helped her tremendously during the birth and pregnancies of both daughters.  Kim participated in West End Yoga's first 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, and was certified RYT in January 2013.  She looks forward to sharing the many benefits of yoga with others and to continuing to explore all that yoga has to offer!

After one of her regular gym workouts, Kim stumbled into a yoga class and never looked back. That was over 10 years ago. An active hiker and outdoor enthusiast, Kim now uses the skills from her 15 years as an educator to bring increased body awareness, stress relief, and a bit of fun to her yoga classes. While originally drawn to the yoga for the physicality, Kim truly fell in love with all of the aspects of yoga, especially the interconnectedness of all beings. She is a 200 hour certified vinyasa teacher through West End Yoga, and describes her classes as open-hearted, dynamic, and differentiated.

Kylie began working out about 13 years ago. Never an athlete (or active person in general), she struggled with a lifelong weight battle and keeping a regular exercise routine. It wasn't until her two children were born in 2009 and 2011, that fitness became a lifestyle. Since then, workouts have steadily progressed in frequency, intensity, and diversity. Her current weekly routine includes, trail running, weights, and a wide variety of cardio and strength classes. In early 2016, she became a certified R.I.P.P.E.D instructor, and has since earned certifications in Group Fitness and Strength Conditioning & Weight Training. Kylie draws inspiration from other instructors and "fit friends", and is most motivated by the drive to provide a healthy example for her two daughters. 

Lauren Flanley Tice met Teri and Linda at YTT in 2008, all three were pursuing their 200 hour certification. Currently she is starting two new chapters in her life, getting married and teaching yoga. Although she has been teaching yoga at LA Fitness for a few years, teaching at a studio has been her goal. She started her yoga career while going to college, feeling stressed from school and work, her mother suggested taking yoga as a hobby, her interest in yoga grew. Certification for her 200 hours quickly followed. Hearing about the LivingRoom and knowing the two owners, a connection was made and she joined the teaching staff.

She gained her 500 hour certification at the Yoga Loft in Bethlehem. Lauren believes becoming a certified yoga instructor is one of the best things she had done for herself, and feels truly blessed to be able to share her practice with her students.

Linda Sheftel started her career in sales and marketing after graduating from University of Central Florida with a degree in Psychology. She worked as sales person, sales trainer, and in management for sales and marketing. The last 20 years of her career, she worked as a consultant to large typical Fortune 500 companies, traveling worldwide, training their sales teams and management on how to set strategic sales strategies. She has always enjoyed fitness and practiced yoga fairly regularly through the years.

She married and started a family, in 2005 her son was killed by a drunk driver, this changed her career and direction in her life and she found herself practicing yoga regularly for the peace of mind and calm. Wanting to learn and experience more, feeling the mat held a sacred place for her she entered a teacher training.

After completing her 200-hour yoga certification with Paula Tepedino and the Vibhiti Yoga School (now known as Yoga Light), she started teaching immediately, at different venues, and studios. Taking the next step offering yoga to small groups inside her home, and eventually running out of space, it became apparent the next move was to open a studio. She opened LivingRoom Yoga with Teri Goszka in 2013.

She completed her 500-hour certification in 2011, continuing her studies with Vibhti Yoga School (Yoga Light). She continues to attend workshops, and classes, to learn and experience more teaching styles of yoga. She completed teacher training with Jennifer Reis, and is certified to teach Yoga Nidra.

She has found teaching to be rewarding and a significant part of her growth. “ I feel I have learned more about human kindness, character, and the practice of yoga from my students then I could ever teach, I feel blessed in this part of my life.”

Her classes are typically focused on themes, such as Chakras, 5 Elements, Yamas/Niyamas, or on a specific posture or area of the body.  She consistently uses a number of props in every class, with a focus on alignment, including centering, breath work, building core and overall strength. Using props aids most students to access the full expanse of the posture allowing the body to release.  Typically classes reflect a more Ivengar approach to the practice. 

Mary has practiced various styles of yoga for over eleven years and could not resist the opportunity to learn more about yoga.   She is a grateful graduate of Living Room Yoga’s premier 200-hour yoga teacher training class of 2017. 

As a new teacher, Mary is enthusiastic in her approach of creating sequences with an emphasis on alignment while linking the breath with the movement.  Her ultimate goal for her classes is to allow for each member to enjoy their individual exploration of each asana.  

“We all begin where we are every time we choose to come to the mat.  I hope everyone in my classes practice with that self-awareness and have fun at the same time.  That would be awesome!”

Merrilee obtained her 200-hour and 500-hour teaching certifications from West End Yoga.  She has also obtained specialized training in teaching trauma sensitive yoga to individuals coping with post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and military sexual trauma and adaptive yoga to individuals who have suffered bodily injury.  Merrilee approaches each class with a beginner’s mind and believes that everyone is capable of benefiting from yoga regardless of mobility, flexibility, strength, age or size.  Merrilee incorporates mindful movement and breath awareness into her slow to moderately-paced vinyasa flow classes.  She believes that yoga offers an emotional respite from the stress and busyness of the world as well as an opportunity to gain strength and flexibility.  Merrilee draws her inspiration from her experiences as a lifelong runner, collegiate rower, military officer, wife, and mother.

Shana Baumgartner was introduced to yoga in 1999 while living in California, but did not fully embrace a regular yoga practice until 2003. Yoga proved to be a lifeline during a difficult and stressful time. She began a steady home practice, taking classes here and there to get guidance from knowledgeable instructors. through this exploration of different yoga classes, she discovered and fell in love with the vinyasa style. Though she initially turned to yoga as a means of alleviating stress and anxiety, she later realized that yoga is a way of life with far-reaching benefits that impact body, mind and heart.

In 2012 she decided to commit more fully to yoga by completing a 200-hour teacher training at West End Yoga in Allentown. As an instructor, Shana approaches each class anew, adjusting her flow to suit her students -- from peaceful and restorative to energizing and dynamic. She loves to mix it up and try creative flows. She continuously strives to deepen her practice, guide and learn from others on and off the mat, and maintain balance and calm. Click here to visit her facebook page. 

“I am inspired everyday by my students’ dedication and efforts to this beautiful and powerful discipline.”

Sharon Schnyder began practicing yoga in 2000. She has been teaching yoga in the Lehigh Valley since 2003 when she received her first yoga teacher certification. Through her love of Ashtanga, she completed her 200-hour RYT training in 2009 at Lehigh Valley Yoga. Her other passions include super foods, herbs and nutrition for vibrant health. Sharon also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, which has allowed for countless opportunities to promote wellness and to help others. Her classes are inspired by Core Strength Vinyasa Flow and she values finding balance in opposition, allowing work and play to coexist in the practice and encouraging students to be both humbled and empowered whenever they are on the mat. One of the kindest and most valuable comments Sharon has received from a student was, “You have a unique and special way about you that makes everyone feel comfortable and allows us to take risks.”

Sue has been practicing yoga on and off since her teen years. As a recent graduate of the Living Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program, she is now able to share her love of postures, breath and meditation with others. As a “mature” instructor, she understands the need for a slower paced, less athletic practice.  In class, students are encouraged to do what they can, modify as needed, but most of all, to have fun.  “I believe this amazing piece of machinery that we call our body was meant to move.  If it is kept strong and supple, every-day activities are much easier to perform.”  Aside from yoga, Sue enjoys walking and weight training, remodeling her home and landscape, and playing mah jongg with friends.  “Yoga has helped me achieve an inner calm that seemed impossible a few years ago, and it keeps me limber enough to be able to play – on the floor! – with my grandsons.  Life is good!”

Sue was introduced to Raja Yoga by a friend in 2009.  Two years later, she became immersed in her yoga practice to regain focus after experiencing a personal loss.  Sue felt the need to acquire a more in-depth understanding of yoga philosophy, movement and benefits.  After the completion of her 200-hour teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga at Emmaus Yoga, she was drawn to the concept of a yoga practice that would cultivate a longer hold while in a yoga pose.  This concept inspired the completion of a 40-hour teacher training program in Yin Yoga from the YogaLife Institute.   She is registered with Yoga Alliance and a member of Yoga International where she continues ongoing CEU hours.  

When not in the yoga studio, or working on IT projects at Lutron Electronics, Sue cherishes time with her two daughters, family and friends.

 Join Sue in a Yin practice that allows the mind, body and spirit to:  “Connect to inner energy as you surrender and release”, “Learn the benefits of micro-movements”, and “Grow into soft awareness”.

My yoga journey started over 15 years ago at a humble small donation based place. I remember chuckling at the names of the poses. Many years, degrees, cities, jobs and children later-I am a 200 hour certified instructor, spreading the fun and endless benefits of yoga.

    I was originally drawn to yoga solely for its physical benefits but I noticed long ago that regular practice impacts my mood and mental health. I am excited to incorporate different yoga styles in my teaching as well as yoga philosophy. My classes are usually fast paced with a good amount of strength building exercises.

I believe that most of yoga is practiced off the mat, practicing the kindness and compassion created during the practice  transferring to those around you.

Tamah Biello has been practicing yoga for over ten years. She started her practice as something to do with a friend and fell in love with not only the physical benefits, but also the calming and healing effects of yoga. In 2015, she decided to deepen her practice by completing the 200-hour teacher training at West End Yoga in Allentown. She enjoys taking the communication skills she has used as a creativity consultant and corporate trainer out of the conference room and onto the mat. Tamah’s hope is to share her love of yoga’s union of mind, body and spirit through a practice that is strengthening, rejuvenating, relaxing and fun! 

Strengths as a Teacher: Creative, welcoming, fun and encouraging. Yoga truly is for every one!

Areas to work on in class: You! It is your practice, your time on the mat. I have suggestions and themes but it is important to listen to your body's needs as they are right now. I have students who are new yogis and well as yogis who are seasoned. Every person can find something to work on and find a place that works for them on the mat. 

Goals of my class: To come out feeling better than when you arrive! We stretch, move, focus on our breath. We will may try new poses or have a new take on poses we know and love. Class is a time to explore and remember it is a PRACTICE, not a perfect. :) 

Tammy Long Ferry, B.A., E-RYT, YACEP, has been certified in Raja Yoga since 2006. She is also a certified Advanced Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoko Healer.  She has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years, initially as an aerobic and fitness instructor in the late 80’s.  Her wellness focus shifted to yoga more than 10 years ago in an effort to regain lost mobility and vibrant health.  

She is inspired by the relevance of yoga philosophy and Ayurvedic concepts.  The power of yoga has taught her how to live a more healthy, happy, and peaceful life.  A big part of her personal growth comes as a result of weekly yoga class planning.  

During her gentle yoga classes, Tammy teaches both mental and physical body awareness.  She leads each movement with the breath.  She guides students to let go of the tension they carry to and from the yoga mat.  She integrates the teaching of the yoga sutras and encourages students to practice yoga safely and serenely.  She teaches practical yoga tips, proper alignment, and pranayama.  She teaches “half poses” (poses leading up to the traditional yoga poses).

Tammy uses sound, silence, and singing bowls during each class.  She includes meditation time in each class.


Wendy Arner is a West End Yoga-trained (RYT-500 hour) Vinyasa Flow instructor and life-long student of wellness.  Wendy has served others as an RN for almost three decades along with pursuing Master degree studies in Public Health.  She believes in promoting healthy lifestyle habits through a holistic approach. 

 A running injury led Wendy to yoga. She found that a regular yoga practice was the missing piece needed to handle the stress that every-day life challenges bring.  The immediate feel good benefits and decreased anxiety kept her returning to the mat. Increased energy and physical strength soon followed.  

Naturally, she wanted to share the healing qualities that a yoga practice can deliver with others.  Her classes are beginner friendly and designed to meet the individual needs of the practitioners. She strives to create a healthy, fun environment where you can safely nourish your, mind, body and spirit through yoga.


I have practiced yoga since my teenage years. I mostly practiced then because I was very flexible and could do any of the postures, so it was just fun for me. Yoga seemed to come in and out of my life over the years and I always enjoyed the practice but it remained mainly a physical activity for me. In 1999 I became certified to teach through Compassionate Yoga in Northampton. I taught gentle yoga classes in the Lehigh Valley for several years until life and my work took over. But it was at this time I developed a love for the actual practice of yoga and the importance of connecting breath to postures. I am a retired nurse,and recently became re certified to teach yoga through Livingroom Yoga and now my focus is on helping those who may not be as flexible as they once were, to teach the beauty and simplicity of yoga and how it will help in all aspects of their lives. My classes stress alignment and breath to help those who feel they can't practice yoga to find their place on the mat or in the chair, as I very much enjoy chair yoga. I have an interest in sewing, quilting,knitting, crocheting, or anything that involves a needle. I walk regularly in the Lehigh Parkway taking pictures which I love to share on facebook. When I have time in warm weather, I kayak on our lakes in the area. I have studied Healing Touch, Reiki, and Aromatherapy and love the connection of all these modalities in my life.