Jo Ann Sheesley

I started teaching about 5 years ago after completing my YTT at West End Yoga, which is where I met Teri.
My focus has been on keeping my classes slow & simple, not using alot of sanskit terms, & giving lots of direction on getting into & out of the poses. I love working the hips & low back & sometimes throw in some Yin poses. Pretty much 'yoga for people that said they can't do yoga' or those who' tried it & didn't like it'--those souls that went to a class, felt lost & never went back! 
I am a (slow) runner & love strength training so yoga keeps me happy & flexible.

I taught & subbed at West End for awhile but with their regular YTT classes they switch instructors up alot & the available times did not work for me. I also subbed at Emmaus for early classes for awhile but now just teach at LRY.
I sub on occasion but prefer morning classes over later in the day. I have been teaching Friday 7:00 AM & have several early morning regulars plus people popping in & out as schedules permit. I have anywhere from 3 to 7 in class. Not a big group but a devoted one!