Tamah Biello

Tamah Biello has been practicing yoga for over ten years. She started her practice as something to do with a friend and fell in love with not only the physical benefits, but also the calming and healing effects of yoga. In 2015, she decided to deepen her practice by completing the 200-hour teacher training at West End Yoga in Allentown. She enjoys taking the communication skills she has used as a creativity consultant and corporate trainer out of the conference room and onto the mat. Tamah’s hope is to share her love of yoga’s union of mind, body and spirit through a practice that is strengthening, rejuvenating, relaxing and fun! 

Strengths as a Teacher: Creative, welcoming, fun and encouraging. Yoga truly is for every one!

Areas to work on in class: You! It is your practice, your time on the mat. I have suggestions and themes but it is important to listen to your body's needs as they are right now. I have students who are new yogis and well as yogis who are seasoned. Every person can find something to work on and find a place that works for them on the mat. 

Goals of my class: To come out feeling better than when you arrive! We stretch, move, focus on our breath. We will may try new poses or have a new take on poses we know and love. Class is a time to explore and remember it is a PRACTICE, not a perfect. :)